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E.W. Tibbs, Jr.

E.W. Tibbs, Jr.
President & CEO, Centra Health


I am E.W. Tibbs, President and CEO of Centra Health and honored to have been nominated and selected as the 2017 HosPAC Campaign Chair by the VHHA Board of Directors. As elected officials in Richmond and Washington, D.C. make critical decisions affecting Virginia’s hospitals and health systems, it is important for these hospitals and health systems to work together by supporting state candidates who will work to improve and support quality health care for the hospitals and health systems in Virginia. One of the ways Virginia’s hospitals and health systems can be most effective is by supporting the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association’s (VHHA) Political Action Committee (HosPAC).

HosPAC aims to preserve quality healthcare in Virginia through legislative and political action and HosPAC plays a significant role in advocating for health care issues before members of the Virginia General Assembly. I believe meeting this year’s fundraising goal is more important than ever to Virginia’s health care future and to protecting our high standard of health care for all Virginians. Therefore, I am asking for your help in meeting this goal. Your contribution, no matter the size, can help us get there!

If you would like to contribute to this year’s HosPAC campaign, please visit www.vahospac.com and make a contribution today. HosPAC participation is strictly voluntary and not tax deductible; however, I sincerely appreciate your commitment to ensure Virginia’s hospitals and health systems have a strong voice.

An investment in HosPAC is an investment in ensuring a strong future for Virginia’s hospitals and health systems. Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and support.


E.W. Tibbs, Jr.
President and CEO, Centra Health
HosPAC Campaign Chair