The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare
Association’s Political Action Committee

HosPAC is the Political Action Committee of the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (HosPAC). We support candidates for state offices from both parties who are committed to the health care workforce, protecting patient access to care, improving health coverage, and who work to advance health system transformation.


Health care is changing, and hospitals and health systems are adapting to meet the evolving needs of our patients and communities. Hospitals are in nearly every legislative district in Virginia. We’re often the largest employer in the community. We are pillars of the communities we serve. And, we are key stakeholders. HosPAC is how Virginia’s hospitals and health systems play a role in the policy decisions that impact us. Our role in politics can help improve the delivery of health care and outcomes for our patients.

Our Mission and Purpose

Mission of HosPAC is –

  • To provide members with a means for organized and effective political action.
  • To support candidates who will work to improve quality health care supported by the Virginia hospital and health system community.
  • To promote efficient and responsible government.

Purpose of HosPAC is –

  • To preserve Virginia’s high-quality health care
  • To protect our patients’ access to care
  • To provide meaningful political action
  • To promote a unified message in policy discussions
  • To pursue adequate reimbursement of health services
  • To prevent unnecessary regulatory burden

What is HosPAC?

Political Action Committees (PACs) allow for like-minded individuals to collectively contribute to candidates. HosPAC only contributes to candidates for state office in Virginia and is governed by Virginia hospital and health system leaders. This Board of Directors sets goals, determines campaign contributions, and hosts events in support of candidates. The HosPAC Board also creates a strategy for disbursement and participation, and supports candidates who have a proven record

  • advancing affordability in health care
  • strengthening the healthcare work force
  • enhancing patient safety and equity
  • protecting communities from COVID-19

A unified message is most effective to inform state health policy discussions and decisions. Contributing to HosPAC means that your perspective will be meaningfully represented.

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Who Can Contribute to HosPAC

Employees of VHHA member hospitals and health systems and other health care professionals.

Trustees serving on hospital or health system boards.

Individuals, stakeholders, corporations, and other groups that support and rely on Virginia hospitals.

How HosPAC Works

The HosPAC Board of Directors sets the annual campaign goal. Individual system goals are based on hospital revenue.

HosPAC Board members and hospital leaders solicit contributions from eligible members.

Eligible contributions raised through HosPAC are shared with AHAPAC.

HosPAC Contributes to the Strongest Advocates

Strong advocates with a history of health care leadership.

Candidates with a track record of championing hospital issues.

Supported by HosPAC Board of Directors and VHHA members.

How does it work?

HosPAC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of statewide hospital and health system leaders. Any full-time, salaried employee of a hospital/health system in Virginia can make a contribution on behalf of their hospital/health system. Donations to HosPAC can be made via personal credit card or personal check. They can also be made via personal credit card on a monthly basis. The HosPAC Board of Directors, led by the Chairman, votes on a budget for the year and contributions are made to qualifying candidates.

HosPAC is Bipartisan


HosPAC is Bipartisan. We don’t favor any political party or support presidential campaigns.

HosPAC carefully evaluates candidates on their qualifications for office, recommendations from their local hospitals/health systems, voting records, leadership roles, and their willingness to collaborate. After weighing these considerations, the Board then disburses money to the campaign committees and candidates who have been determined will best support quality health care initiatives and services that are vital to Virginians. Contributing to HosPAC means remaining competitive in a changing political environment and supporting candidates who support the health of our communities.

HosPAC makes a difference.

In 2021, HosPAC raised over $165,000 to help elect candidates to statewide office and the Virginia General Assembly. HosPAC provides statewide political visibility for the challenges that our hospitals and health systems face.We educate members of the legislature and executive branch about the critical role of health care providers.Contributing to HosPAC means remaining competitive in a changing political environment and supporting candidates who support the health of our communities.